Works Shocks

Works Performance Shocks have been on the street for over 35 years.  Back in 1973 they started with a line of off-road shocks with a damping system considered revolutionary for its time.  Today they make custom shocks for ATVs, touring motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, and high performance street bikes.   But you’ll find no “stock shocks” on their shelves – this is strictly a custom, made to order operation.   Each shock is built to meet the specific requirements of its owner.

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Custom Work Performance Shocks
First, they take into account the way the owner will use his or her vehicle.  It’s just plain old fashioned common sense that a shock meant for touring use is not going to perform as well in off road driving as a shock built specifically for that purpose.  Next, they consider the weight of the owner.  Again, it stands to reason that a 250 pound rider puts different stress on a shock than a 150 pound rider.  Finally, they tailor the shock to the length and chassis requirements of the make and model of the owner’s vehicle.   If you think about all these different characteristics for a moment, you’ll realize the benefits of a custom shock design over a “one size fits all” approach.

Their products can be rebuilt which makes resale value very good for owners who wish to upgrade.  Check the Internet discussion forums and you’ll find testimonials from owners who have beat the living daylights out of their vehicle for years and are surprised at how few parts need to be replaced. So how do you get a pair of works shocks?

Works Performance Shocks
If you have a street bike, browse through that category and then go the Application guide which will show the specifics of what you’ll need to know to order shocks for your specific model and make of bike.  Unfortunately there is no order form but if you download their catalog you’ll find ordering instructions at the end.  Note that you’ll need to tell them your weight and the average weight of any passengers you may have with you from time to time as well as where you typically ride your bike.  Once you’ve installed your shocks Works Performance Company gives you thirty days to test them out.  If during that time you’re not happy they will revalve and respring them at no charge, except for shipping costs.