Pivot Works Motorcycle Shocks

If you’re an avid dirt bike or ATV enthusiast you know there are many small to medium size manufacturers in the marketplace competing for your business when it comes to OEM parts replacements and improvements.   Most of these companies were founded by entrepreneurs who saw some unique need out there and developed products to meet the need.  Such is the case with Pivot Works, a company started in 1999 in Urbandale, Iowa.  Today they are a recognized industry leader when it comes to seal and bearing replacement kits, available both online at their web site and from an extensive network of participating dealers.

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The company’s founder, Curt Leaverton, is a graduate engineer who came up with the kit idea when he realized how difficult it was to track down a variety of replacement parts from different manufacturers.  When he posed his idea of including a variety of parts into a single kit, he got an enthusiastic response and a suggestion for even more stuff to include.  Pivot Works is actually a part of C & L Companies, which include three others of Curt’s brainchildren:  Hot Rods, Cam Works, and Cylinder Works.   All these companies focus on the need for dirt bike and ATV owners to easily find quality replacement parts for their vehicles.

Today Pivot Works offers more than 500 different kits and well over 7000 individual applications.  Each of their kits contains everything you need for a complete rebuild:  seals, bearings, pins, spacers, collars, and thrust washers and bearings.  Their website, at pivotworks.com, makes the process of finding the kit you need relatively painless.  You’ll need the brand, model number, and year of your vehicle.  With this information you can then select the type of kit you need – a-arm kits, fork seal or rebuild kits, front and rear wheel seal and bearing kits, linkage kits, hub bearing conversion kits, shock absorber kits, shock repair kits, shock thrust bearing kits, swing arm kits, and steering stem bearing kits.  That’s a lot of kits!  You can then download a PDF version of the kit recommended and see the actual parts included.

If you’re new to the Dirt Bike and ATV world you may be a little hesitant to tear down your vehicle when needed.  Check the testimonials section on the Pivot Works web site and you’ll find many users who have found the kits very easy to use and the rebuilding process to be well within the reach of anyone who knows which end of a wrench to use to remove a nut!