Gabriel Shocks

Gabriel got its company name from its first product — a horn for horse-driven carriages. They named the horn, the “Gabriel.” The company founder, Claude Foster, is credited for introducing the first device developed to absorb road shock — the Gabriel Snubber, which was patented in 1907. The company continued its innovations with the development of the first hydraulic shock absorber in 1918. Another first was the Gabriel Strider/Adjustamatic, the world’s first adjustable shock absorber, introduced into the marketplace in 1956. The Gabirel Hijacker (1967) was the first air-adjustable shock and the company continued its tradition of innovation with products like the Gabriel Gas-Ryder, and with technologies like VST (Velocity Sensitive Technology), Groove Tube technology, and G-Force Technology.

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Today the Gabriel web site has a product finder and application guide that will let you match your performance requirements with the appropriate Gabriel product.  They have shocks for passenger cars, light trucks, and SUV’s.  For cars and SUV’s they offer both a standard and a premium shock.  If you search the Internet automotive discussion forums you’ll find many who feel their low price is their greatest advanatage as they are inexpensive enough to replace more frequently.  Let’s look at some of their most popular  offerings.

Gabriel Guardians/Gabriel Ultras
You can get a Gabriel Guardian for around $20.  They’re designed as OEM replacement shocks for use in normal driving conditions.  Filled with nitrogen gas under pressure, Gabriel maintains that the gas charge allows the shock to respond to changes in road conditions.

For a few dollars more you can get a pair of Gabriel Ultras, which retail for around $25 apiece.  These shocks incorporate Gabriels G-Force Technology.  In practical terms, Gabriel has added what they call StableSteer valving and G-Force piston design and construction for a smoother ride that adjusts more quickly than the standard Guardians.

Gabriel ProGuards/MaxControls
In the light truck/SUV class Gabriel’s standard product is the ProGuard, which retails for around $38 apiece.  This shock has larger pistons and better heat distribution  which leads to improved control.

For about $54 apiece light truck and SUV owners can choose the Gabriel MaxControl.  The technology here involves pistons floating in highly pressurized nitrogen gas which allow the shock to respond to the road immediately.  Other improvements include a large bore and single tube design, which reduce operating temperatures and increase the operating life expectancy of the shock.

Gabriel Hijackers
This is the shock for any vehicle used for hauling heavy loads or towing boats and trailers.  Hijacker  shocks have a 200psi capacity and can handle up to an 1,100 pound load.  They are easy to pressurize, filling just like tires.

Gabriel Classic Shocks
For those of you with older, classic cars, Gabriel offers gas charged shocks for select vehicles.  Check the Gabriel web site or your local automotive repair dealer for availability.