SDG Motorcycle Shocks

Speed Defies Gravity.  In 1991, a southern California surfer named Jerome Mezzassalma, emblazoned that phrase on his surfboard and soon established a company with that name.  His initial entry into the “speed” world was a protective saddle cover made of Kevlar designed to protect the expensive leather racing saddles found on many high end racing bikes.  Eventually he began offering his own racing saddles as aftermarket replacements.  They were the first to offer Kevlar in their saddles and their hand crafted designs quickly became popular amongst serious mountain bike enthusiasts.

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Later the company evolved into a major supplier of high quality aftermarket motocross seats as well.  Both their MX and ATV seats come in a standard, tall, and a step seat.  They also got into manufacturing seat posts designed to get the most out of their seats.  But perhaps the most interesting way this company has grown is their introduction into the mini-bike market.

In 2002 SDG personnel noted the dramatic growth in their sales of tall seats and posts.  They discovered that a new kind of motorcross bike was emerging – the mini-bike.  Enthusiasts were building their own from component parts from a variety of manufacturers.  This was a doable, but very expensive way for the average consumer to build a bike.  SDG got into the act in 2004 with their race-ready pit bike, the Speed Mini.

The Speed Mini, which is still sold today, has a 107cc 4 stroke air cooled 3 valve head motor with a solid frame and swing arm, capable of supporting the weight of a full size rider.   These may be mini-bikes, but they’re hardly toys.  They now have a slightly larger mini-bike and a slightly smaller bike.

The Pro Mini has a 125cc air cooled 4 stroke engine with a few bells and whistles added, like a billet muffler and external oil cooler.  The Lil’ Mini has a smaller motor – 50cc.  All three have manual clutches for better control.  The Pro Mini and the Speed Mini have four speed clutches while the Lil’ Mini has a three speed clutch.

Mini-bikes are exploding in popularity with other manufacturers, like Honda, reporting phenomenal sales growth.  There are still those out there who prefer to tinker around and build their own but if you check the Internet discussion forums, you’ll find many testimonials from mini-bike enthusiasts who have saved a log of money going with a commercially available offering from manufacturers like SDG.  Check it out for yourself.  Riders love their mini-bikes.