Carrera Shocks

Carrera Shocks are now part of QA1, a company that began in 1993 making rod ends and spherical bearings for a multitude of racing applications.  By 1998 they were ready for the drag racing market, and they bought a shock manufacturer named Hal Shocks, which are still in their product line.  In 2004, QA1 absorbed well known racing shock manufacturer, Carrera.  With these acquisitions Carrera, and now QA1, has a vastly increased product line, both in terms of quantity and quality.

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Today the combined line includes circle track shocks of all kinds; drag racing and street performance shocks and accessories; off road shocks; and street rod shocks.  They are still an industry leading supplier of rods and spherical bearings.  They have a full line of springs to complement their shock absorber line.

Circle Track Shocks come in steel or aluminum.  Steel shocks have both large and small body designs and a stock mount shock.  All three are rebuildable and revalveable and you have several choices within each category.  There are 11 style of steel large body shocks, 2 styles or series of small body shocks, and 2 series of stock mount shocks.  Aluminum Shocks are available in large body and small body with many adjustable and revalveable options from which to choose.

Drag Racing and Street Performance shocks offer a coil over design and coil over conversion kits to incorporate the springs with one of their many standard independent shock offerings.  For off roaders there’s the Adventure Shock series and for Street Rods there are three coil over shocks and four independent shock models, plus several different coil over conversion kits.

For the purists out there who still want to see that famous Carrera name, there are web sites that still sell Carrera named products.  Vision Sports has twenty seven different Carrera labeled shock models, all aluminum threaded independent styles in both small body and large body with a variety of different stroke sizes.

Speedway Motors has Carrera coil over shocks as well as a small body gas cell hyper shock and a variety of Carrera “garage sale” items.  Finally, there’s also a web site dedicated to Custom Carrera Shocks, at  Here you’ll find rebuilding kits for older Carrera shocks and struts and a full line of Carrera GP shocks.  They make Carrera custom parts for an impressive variety of vehicles, from Austin Healey, to BMW, to Chevrolet, to Buick, to Dodge, to Fiat, to Ford, to Honda.  Check their web site for a full list and to see the wide range of suspension products they offer from other manufacturers.