Pro Comp Shocks

If you own a truck or an SUV and you are strictly a “Buy American” kind of person when it comes to your vehicle’s suspension system, Pro Comp Shocks are worth a look.   Located in San Diego, California, they have been using state of the art technology to produce high quality shocks for both professional and amateur on and off road drivers since 1992.  Their huge manufacturing center uses cutting edge CAD (Computer Aided Design) engineering, CNC manufacturing processes (Computerized Numerical Control),  and laser cutting and fitting technology.   They also have extensive research and development operations in the same center and maintain a separate 60,000 square foot distribution center, allowing them to hold a huge inventory ready for quick shipping.  A quick tour of their web site at will give you an idea just how much they offer.

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The site has separate PDF documents for each of their shock offerings.  If you’re looking for shocks for your Chevy Silverado, click on the PDF file and you’ll get everything you need to know.  Their MX6 line of shocks is one of the few adjustable shocks for SUVs on the market.  An MX6 offers the discriminating rider six different levels of adjustment to match driving preferences.  MX6 technology is used in shocks for all major SUV and truck manufacturers, from the Dodge Ram to the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra to the Ford F150.

Pro Comp Shocks are offered in Kit form, with most kits including coils, mounting brackets, and paired shocks.  You can buy them factory direct or from a wide variety of online dealers.  In addition, there is an extensive distribution network of “brick and mortar” parts outlets where you can buy locally.

If you’re not an expert in what shock absorbers can do for you and you need a little help understanding what a quality shock can do to improve your vehicle’s performance, click the TECH button on the main page of their web site.  Go to “Tech Training” and here you’ll find one of the best descriptions of the physics involved in vehicle suspension anywhere on the Internet.  They actually start with a brief description of how Newton’s laws of physics apply to shock design and technology. Invest a little time reading and you’ll learn how a vehicle’s suspension system works and why quality shocks, springs, and struts are so important.  This section even includes six different videos which provide detailed, step by step instructions for installing their product kits.