Rancho Shocks

Rancho has been a leader in shock absorber technology for off road vehicles for over 50 years.  Today they are a part of Tenneco Automotive, a world leader in automotive product offerings including Monroe shocks and Walker exhaust systems.  In 2005 Rancho won the coveted Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) “Best New Off Road Product” award for their Ford Super Duty Suspension system.  Today their flagship product is the RS9000XL.  They have three other shock products available as well as a full line or accessories for off road enthusiasts.  Let’s look at some of these offerings.

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Rancho RS9000XL
Off road vehicles need to be able to handle a variety of driving conditions and the RS9000XL features a 9 position tuning system to accommodate these needs.  However, you don’t need to leave your vehicle to manually adjust your shocks as conditions change.  These shocks work with Rancho’s revolutionary MyRide Wireless Controller.  This remote control mounts anywhere in the vehicle and allows the driver to use a variety of preset buttons to adjust the ride from highway to off road driving.  In addition the driver can configure his or her own desired ride and store it for later use.

Rancho RS5000
This is Rancho’s original offering and the workhorse that led to their outstanding reputation in the off road market.  It is still in demand for light truck and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) use and comes with Rancho’s exceptional limited lifetime warranty.  Its lower price point also make it an attractive option for off road enthusiasts.  It is also suitable for those who wish to raise their vehicles.

Rancho RSX
This is a smart or intelligent shock absorber as it makes use of impact sensing technology to adjust the shock to match changing road conditions. Their patented Rancho Reflex Technology offers comfort and control settings when needed.  These shocks are only available for light truck and SUV use.

Rancho Accessories
They have just about everything you need to beef up your off road vehicle, from oil pan protection covers to differential covers to control arms to front and rear tube doors.  In addition they offer several suspension enhancement systems and even steering  stabilizer and high performance exhaust kits.  They also have rear bumper tire carriers and front bumper winch mounts.  The rear bumper features off road jack mounting and the front accommodates winches from most major manufacturers.  If you’re an off road person, you should definitely think about “going Rancho.”