Penske Shocks

If you’ve followed the trials and tribulations of the automobile industry in these difficult times you probably remember that in 2009 an Automotive Supply Company named Penske was ready to buy the Saturn Car line from General Motors. Unfortunately the deal fell through and Saturn has gone the way of the DeSoto, the Packard, and many other car manufacturers. But just who are these Penske guys and how did they get so big? If you’re a Nascar fan, you may have a clue: Penske Racing. The Penske Company was actually founded by Roger Penske , a retired race car driver. He bought a Chevrolet Dealership after he left the circuit but racing was his first love and he returned to the sport as the owner of TeamPenske, a company specializing in “all things racing.” Over time, this included shocks and today Penske Racing Shocks are among the most popular lines of racing shocks in the world.

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Custom Axis Racing Shocks
Custom was founded in California in 1993 and Penske bought a controlling interest in the company in 1998.   Penske completed the acquisition in 2003 and Custom was relocated to Penske Racing Shocks Headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2005.   They make ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) shocks, Snowmobile Shocks, UTV (Utility Vehicle) Shocks, and Motocross shocks.  Penske Shocks are hand made and they are truly the “Rolls-Royce” of shocks.  Unfortunately, they are priced like a Rolls as well.  If you’re interested in the best, especially for racing applications, remember that Penske’s are custom made.  You don’t have to worry about the length of the cylinder being a little too long or a little too short for your space.  The Penske shop in your area will build it to your specifications.  They can match the style of your vehicle’s ride to your personal weight, driving expertise, and the terrain over which you most frequently drive your car.  Is all this worth prices of over a thousand dollars in many cases?

For professional racers the answer is generally yes.  Consider that these shocks are more adjustable than anything available on the market today.  Some ATV racers, as an example, may actually change shocks on their vehicles for different terrains.  With Penske shocks you never have to do this.  They are can be adjusted to match any terrain or race course out there.

In addition, they are completely rebuildable.  You will never have to replace a Penske shock.  And for professional racers that beat up their vehicles a lot, that’s a huge advantage.  Penske technicians claim their shocks will easily outlast the vehicle on which they are mounted.

Finally, Penske customer service is outstanding.  Calls are handled by actual technicians who know what they are talking about.  The next time you watch a Racing Event of any kind — snowmobile, Formula 500, Nascar, ATV — watch the shots of the pits and you’re sure to see Penske technicians around.  They’re the experts.