Fox Shocks

The history of American enterprise is filled with inspirational stories of individual entrepreneurs translating a dream into reality and changing the business landscape.  One of the best known tales is that of Apple Computer, where a couple guys named Steve — Jobs and Wozniak — created the personal computer in a neighborhood garage.  Fox Shocks has a similar story, and in some ways, an even more inspirational one.

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Bob Fox was a motocross racer in the early 1970’s who just couldn’t find a shock to match the needs of his first love — racing.  So he used what he knew about what a shock should be able to do and went off and created his own.  And yes, he did it in a friend’s garage, using only his own hand drawn sketches and his friend’s machine lathe.  Fox motorcycle shocks were an instant hit, so much so that bike manufacturers began beefing up the quality of their original equipment shocks, leading to a gradual decline in Fox’s business.  So Bob looked to other markets to apply his engineering expertise and soon Fox Racing Shocks appeared on snowmobiles, ATV and Side by Sides  Off road vehicles, and mountain bicycles.  Through it all Bob remembered that as a racer, he was the best evaluator of his products, so to this day, all Fox Racing Shox are tested and used by professional racers.  Let’s take a brief look at a few of the offerings Fox has for some of these applications.

Fox Motorcycle Shocks
For moto racing enthusiasts the Podium RC3 is the shock of choice while those who include trail riding in their repertoire opt for the Podium RC2.  Both employ Fox’s dual speed compression technology which is fully adjustable by the end user.  The RC3 adds adjustable bottom out control technology and fast adjust spring technology.  For smaller, “mini-motorcycles” there’s the Float MXR shock.   The AVA technolgy (air volume adjustment) in this shock makes it suitable for pit racing as well as trail racing.

Fox Off Road Shocks
Fox engineering technology has been extended to the world of full size SUV’s, UTV’s, and Trucks with a full line of original equipment replacement shocks.  They also have a line of coil shocks, combining shock and spring technology into a single unit.  Their top of the line off road shocks — the By-Pass Shock — are fully user adjustable to match the terrain over which the vehicle is riding.

Fox Bicycle Shocks
Fox has bike shocks for cross country use, all mountain riding, as well as downhill and freestyle racing.   These shocks are used by champion racers all over the world and have led numerous racers to victory in a host of international racing events.  When Fox engineers found some OEM bicycle forks couldn’t make full use of their shocks, they began to design a line of replacement bicycle forks.  As is the case with their bike shocks, there are forks specifically designed to meet the needs of all racing terrains and applications, from cross country to all mountain to downhill and freestyle.

If you are wondering how Fox does this, take a minute and visit their website at  If you have even a little flair for engineering in you, you’ll be impressed with the care and detail that they put into the design and production of all their products.