Koni Shocks

Koni began as a maker of horse and buggy equipment in the Netherlands back in 1857.   Evolving into the automotive world was a natural progression and by the 1950’s they had become a world leader in shock absorbers with a distribution network in  over 90 countries.  They have three major subsidiary companies in France, Germany, and North America.  They offer shocks in the traditional consumer auto, RV, and motorcycle market, but they also provide shock absorber technology for Railroad use, Commercial Buses, Industrial Vehicles, and Defense Vehicles.  Let’s take a look at some of their consumer offerings.

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Koni Passenger Vehicle Shocks
Their base consumer shock is the STR.T.  Nicknamed the “Street Strut” you can get a pair of these for around $140 and they get high marks as original equipment replacement shocks.  Two of Koni’s first consumer shocks — the Special D and the Classic  — are still around and are  favorite replacement shocks for older vehicles.

Koni Sport Shocks were the world’s first adjustable shock and they’re still around as well.  You can get a Sport Kit that includes Koni Sport Springs in addition to the shocks and are great for lowering applications.  Koni’s newer shocks include the FSD line which combine improved handling with superior ride quality.  These shocks are available in an installation kit including Eibach springs, suitable for modest lowering applications.

For the serious driver koni offers top of the line Race Shocks.  The 28 Series Racing Shocks have been used in a variety of International Racing competitions.  For SUV and light truck owners Koni has the Heavy Track SPX shock.  For large Recreational Vehicles they have the FSD shock and a large capacity Adjustable Shock, with fully independent front suspension.  All these passenger vehicle shocks come with a full lifetime warranty and are highly regarded by experienced users all over the globe.

Koni MotorSports
Koni is not a well known name to the average consumer.  While we have all heard of Monroe and Gabriel shocks, Koni is not exactly a household name.  If you are in the market for replacement shocks and have heard of Koni but are a bit skeptical when it comes to purchasing a product with which you have little familiarity, take a moment and visit Koni’s North American web site at www.koni-na.com.  When you get there visit the Motorsports page.  Koni has shocks for a variety of racing applications, from drag racing to oval track racing to road racing.  Koni shocks are used on champion racing cars everywhere.  If these shocks are good enough for world class race car drivers, maybe they deserve a look!