Bilstein Shocks

While not exactly a household name, Bilstein shocks are well known to automotive enthusiasts of all stripes all over the globe.  The Bilstein company has been around for over 100 years, but they didn’t get into the automotive business until 1928 when they introduced Europe’s first chrome plated car bumper.  The company actually started out back in 1873 making window hardware.  After an acquisition in the early 1930’s Bilstein expanded their product offerings to the automotive market to include car jacks.

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It wasn’t until 1954 that they got into the shock absorber business with their revolutionary monotube gas pressure shock absorber design.   Perfecting that design was an ongoing process, with the company patenting many of their innovations.  Their efforts bore fruit in 1958 when Mercedes Benz decided to make Blistein schocks standard original equipment on all Mercedes vehicles.  In later years, many General Motors models also offered Bilstein shocks as optional original equipment.  In a brilliant marketing move, Blistein pushed their products into the world of race car driving, a great arena to demonstrate their superior performance capabilities.

Today Bilstein offers a full line of gas pressure shocks for every automotive need, from passenger cars, to Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s), to Recreational Vehicles (RV’s), to off road and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), to Pickup trucks, and even to old fashioned “hot rods” and street machines.

Both Bilstein and many online shock dealers have “product finder” wizards that will tell you what Bilstein shocks will work with your vehicle.  For example,  enter Ford, 2002 and you’ll find you can get a pair of Bilstein heavy duty shocks for a Crown Victoria for about $165 a pair.  If that sounds pricey, search the Internet and check the reviews of Bilstein shocks.

They get high marks everywhere, especially in the Automotive discussion forums frequented by car experts and avid do it yourselfers.  To get a feel for just how good these shocks are, take a look at what Recreationsl Vehicle owners have to say about them.  RV’s are notorious for their tendency to sway back and forth at higher speeds and in windy conditions.   Bilstein has introduced a computer controlled monitoring system that reacts to these kinds of changing conditions.   Many reviewers claim they completely eliminate side to side sway.  These shocks even have a dash mounting switching system, allowing the driver to control the firmness of the ride.  Even though there are expensive, if you’re one who believes you get what you pay for, Bilstein shocks are definitely worth a look.