KYB Shocks

Like many companies that are known today for excellence in automotive products,  KYB didn’t start out in the industry.  Founded in Japan in 1919, their early expertise was in hydraulics.  Although KYB may be unknown to the average automobile owner, they claim to be the world’s largest volume producer of automotive shock absorbers.  They can make this claim since they are an OEM supplier of shocks and struts to major car manufacturers like GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chrysler, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, and Volkswagen.  Their manufacturing philosophy is to produce only high end shocks to meet different driving requirements.  Let’s look at some of their offerings.

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Kyb Shocks:  GR-2/Excel-G
The GR-2/Excel-G is meant to restore a vehicle’s ride performance to its operating condition as it left the factory.  Shocks wear out over time and lead to noticeable deterioration in ride quality as well as steering and control operations.  For owners who do not need high performance capabilities and drive under normal conditions, this is the recommended shock.  The Excel-G is simply the GR-2 in black instead of silver.  The KYB web site has a service locator wizard and you may be surprised to learn that although you may never have heard of KYB shocks, automobile repair shops have and you won’t have any trouble finding a place to have them installed.

Kyb Shocks:  Gas-a-Just
If you own an SUV, light truck, or van,  or if you want better performance from your automobile, this is the shock KYB recommends.  It’s a monotube design that automatically adjusts to changing road conditions.  Kyb claims the monotube design is much better than twin tube for vehicle handling and stability.  If you are a natural skeptic, check the Internet automotive discussion forums and you’ll find many car enthusiasts agree.  These are generally people who install shocks themselves, so one would assume they know what they are doing!

Kyb Shocks:  AGX
These are specialty shocks for select high performance and sports cars where the ability to adjust the shocks to varying performance requirements is desireable.  Drives can fine tune AGX shocks to match their personal driving preferences under different conditions.  They can be adjusted without going under the vehicle by means of a specially mounted adjustment knob.

Kyb Shocks:  MonoMax
Think of the MonoMax as a shock absorber on steroids.  Although they are a favorite of many light truck and van owners, especially those who want to raise or lower their vehicle, they truly stand out from the field in heavy duty towing, plowing, and hauling  applications.  They’re the perfect choice for diesel trucks.

If you’re in the market for replacement shocks, Kyb shocks are definitely worth a look, even if you’ve never heard of them before.