Sachs Shocks

ZF Services is an international supplier of a wide variety of automotive products for both OEM and aftermarket suppliers. They have a variety of product brands, including highly regarded Sachs and Boge Shocks. The company began when a young German cyclist, Ernest Sachs , patented his first cycling innovation in 1894. Today the company has 25 different manufacturing and distribution centers in 14 different countries. They are the leading manufacturer of both OEM and aftermarket shock absorbers for European cars. Let’s look at some of their product offerings:

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Sachs Touring Shocks for Passenger Vehicles
These shocks are designed for the average driver who wants an above average ride and above average handling.  The piston rods and rod guides inside these shocks are chrome-plated and wear and tear proof, guaranteeing an air tight seal for better performance and durability.  They are coated with a water based lacquer which protects the shock against corrosion as well as being environmentally friendly.

Sachs Advantage Shocks for Passenger Vehicles
These shocks are quite unique in that they are tailored to the vehicle on which they will be used.  Both mono and twin tube gas pressurized designs are used, whichever best matches the suspension needs of the make and model of the vehicle.  The axle, suspension design, and vehicle type are all taken into consideration when selecting valving and other components for the Advantage Shock.

Sachs Shocks for Commercial Vehicles
Sachs Commercial Vehicle Shocks are made of seamless compression-proof steel.  Each shock is tailored to the axle load, suspension design, and normal operating conditions of the vehicle make and model.  Piston rods are chrome-plated and highly polished to reduce friction and are treated to resist corrosion.  Abrasion proof and age resistant rubber compounds are used in all fastening joints.  Shocks are subjected to literally thousands of hours of rigorous testing before they are released into the market.  The end result is a commercial use shock absorber that not only performs extermely well, but lasts far longer than competitive shocks.  And Sachs Shocks are available all over the world.

Shock absorbers do not operate in isolation and Sachs struts and shock mountings are subjected to the same precision design and manufacturing processes as are the shocks themselves.  They also are subjected to the same rigorous testing process.

Boge Shocks for Passenger Cars
Boge offers the Boge Automatic as a quality replacement for drivers wishing to maintain original equipment ride quality and performance handling.  For those wishing an upgrade, there’s the Boge Turbo.  Sportier in design this shock is meant for those who want better performance response from their vehicles.

The Boge Shocks for Commercial Vehicles are similar in design and construction to those offered by Sachs.