Eibach Shocks

The Eibach Company has been making extreme performance racing suspension systems for more than fifty years.  Founded in Germany in 1951, they are a family owned business, now on their third generation of Eibachs involved with the company.  Today their products cover the world, available through dealer networks supported by corporate operations in Germany, North America, and Australia. Among the many niche market racing shock manufacturers, they are unique in the quantity of offerings they have for the general consumer market.  Many well known racing shock manufacturers aim for the professional and serious amateur racer.  The shocks they have for the rest of us are either an afterthought with a few models, or non existent, with nothing for the consumer at all.

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Eibach is different.  First, they see themselves as a manufacturer of springs, with their pro-damper series of shock absorbers designed to complement their unique spring suspension design.  The average consumer thinks it’s the shocks that control vehicle performance and ride quality, but in actuality it’s the springs that do this.  Shocks are meant to support the springs and keep them functioning properly.  Eibach’s superior technology focuses on all parts of a vehicle’s total suspension system:  springs to bump-stops (secondary springs) to dampers to anti-roll sway bars.

For all vehicle applications these components can be purchased separately or in a variety of kit combinations.  The most basic kits include springs and shocks only while the Pro System Plus Kit has it all – every component you need plus installation hardware.  They also offer Pro Alignment kits for vehicles whose new suspension systems involved lowering the vehicle.

Eibach products are expensive, but many feel they’re the best and they are one of the only manufacturers to offer an integrated high performance suspension system.  Their components are precision engineered to work in perfect balance.  Once again, you don’t have to be a race car driver to use them.  Check their web site at eibach.com for a full application guide for consumer vehicles and trucks.  They offer kits for vehicles ranging from the Audi Quattro to the Acura Integra to the Cadillac Deville to the Dodge Charger, and yes, even the Ford Escort!

If you’re a motorcyclist or an off-roader, Eibach technology has been applied to these markets as well.  They offer suspension systems for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and ATVs.  Eibach engineers are available to work with individual owners to create completely custom suspension systems to meet unique requirements.