Showa Shocks

Showa is a Japanese manufacturer that was born in the aircraft component industry way back in 1938. By 1946 they had evolved into the manufacturing of automobile components and added shock absorbers to their line in 1953. Like most manufacturers in this industry, Showa is active in the racing world, with Showa shocks in Formula 1 and MotoGp racing contributing to many victories.

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When it comes to their extensive product line, Showa is probably the only manufacturer in the world to make shock absorbers for boats!  That’s right, they actually make four different power tilt and trim electrically powered units that protect both the boat’s outboard motor and its hull from shock damage when the hull or motor is hit by an object while the boat is underway.  Check these out at their web site – – as they are truly amazing examples of engineering.

Showa is, of course, best known for their vehicle shocks – available for the automotive and motorcycle markets.  Showa’s shock technology is grounded in the use of lightweight, high tension construction materials, and unique oil seals, which serve to limit resistance.  They have four different basic styles of automotive shocks.

Their double wishbone shock is a coil over design with an outer tube gas chamber, filled with low pressure nitrogen gas.  The Single Tube design uses an external bypass chamber to separate the oil and nitrogen gas, resulting in improved damper and better overall performance.

They feature two strut style shocks — both coil over.  One is a double tube design and the other uses an inverted (upside down in effect) tube.  Finally they offer an independent single tube design unit for mounting with an existing spring.

Showa’s automotive products are not limited to shock absorbers.  They have gas powered springs for use in hatchback style vehicles as well as differential gears and both hydraulic and electric powered steering systems.  Most consumers don’t realize that on 4 wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles, the axle and engine are not connected.  Instead a propeller shaft transmits the drive force from the engine to the axle, and Showa makes three different styles of propeller shaft:  single piece, two piece, and three piece.

For motorcycles Showa makes shocks, front forks, and drive trains.  Since Showa cycle shocks are incorporated directly into the frame of the motorcycle, appearance, as well as performance, is important.  Showa motorcycle shocks excel on both counts.  They have a double tube coil over design, with attractive anodized black powder springs, and two different pressurized designs.  The single tube style features attractive red coil over springs while another single tube style features a separate pressurizing sub tank for better heat variation and a wider range of settings.  The coil over springs on this model are a stylish bright yellow.